Blog Iatus: Food intolerances in Babies

Some of you might wonder what I have been doing lately and why the posts have stopped. I have been busy taking care of our young son, a two year old with multiple food intolerances. We still don’t know for sure how to call the cause of our son’s symptoms (abdominal distension, constipation, sleep trouble, growth delay), be it intolerance, hypersensitivity, non-IgE food allergies. We know that taking gluten and dairy out of our son’s diet helped but was not enough, and that reducing his diet without using a diet rotation created other food intolerances, restricting his diet even more. It has been challenging, frustrating and discouraging at times but we are hopeful. Now with a no-grain, no-dairy rotation diet supplemented with probiotics and digestive enzymes, our son is growing again and sleeps much better, and is not constipated anymore. Not everything is easy and requires a lot of organization but it works.

We have felt very much let down by the medical system, which helped very little, and basically doesn’t yet recognize the existence of food intolerance as a condition requiring actual management. Our son never slept more than two hours in a row until we took dairy and gluten out of his diet We got very late in the game of diet modifications because we trusted we would be advised by conventional medicine. However, conventional medicine, in my opinion, still has a lot to learn. I sometimes regret I didn’t read more and earlier about natural parenting, then again, I have always been a very evidence based person, and didn’t find enough references in my early motherhood times. I hope I can find the time to bridge that gap in this very blog soon. I have done the research, I need to take the time to present it to you. Hopefully, I will be back very soon.

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